Our love for music has existed since before the civilization. It is extremely easy to create music, a creative person can create music without the use of instruments. Music is a means of communication that transcends the language barrier. Through music people can connect with others and feel their emotion deeply. You can imagine, how hard it has been to come with such a list that contains the best and most famous classic songs of all time. To be honest, this list is definitely not complete as for one reason or another we were forced to leave a few songs out, which we believe belongs on every all time best songs list. But, the scope just is not great enough to include all those awesome songs into one single list. If you do not find your favorite song or songs in the list, please try to understand that we do not claim this list to be the definite list of best songs, so consider this as a list of best 25 famous songs rather than the list. Because there are so many awesome songs out there that creating the list is just not humanly possible.

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