Top 3 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2020


Intersted in the top best cryptocurrency exchanges of 2020? If so, come with us and let’s have a look at Insider Monkey’s latest article, which was made after very thorough research work. Since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was launched, cryptocurrencies have covered a long distance. More and more companies accept them as valid means of payment, so you can pay with them at lots of places, consequently the value of them has extremely increased.

If there are cryptocurrencies, there should be a platform to exchange them. Therefore lots of service apps and companies were formed. One of them is Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Generally speaking these exchanges are third-party applications with which crypto investors can sell, buy or trade their cryptocurrencies. This procedure includes from crypto to crypto or from fiat to crypto. As there can be found lots of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, potential crypto investors can find difficult to choose the best one for themselves. Therefore Insider Monkey has decided to create a valid compilation in order to help you with picking up the one(s) that will be the most useful for you. The list was created by several criteria, such as trading volume, the transaction fees charged, number of supported coins, the transaction speed, an multiple payment methods.

As usual, we are going to give you a brief foretaste, and if you want to get extensive information, please click the best cryptocurrency exchanges of 2020. BitMex got the third spot on Insider Monkey’s compilation. It’s ranked by its high trading volume, transaction speed, and transaction fees, altogether its excellent evaluation has brought the third place to BitMex. Bitmex is generally referred to as Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, it’s one of the first Bitcoin exchanges in the world, and is among the best ones even today. As its name shows it is for Bitcoin exchanging and trading, however ot supperts the trading of other cryptocurrencies as well, such as EOS Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. If you are planning to invest in trading, selling and buying of cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend you to check out the entire article linked above.