Top 4 Cyber Security Threats in 2013


In this world overwhelmed by technological wonders and our obsession for worldwide connectivity has created has led to a new breed of criminals. They are collectively referred to as cyber criminals. The crimes they commit can range from, hacking into someone’s computer up to heists of millions of dollars. Therefore, to have knowledge about such crimes has become a must for everyone. If we are aware of their presence and their capabilities, collectively we can help limit and prevent their ability to cause damage. If your computer, or smartphone has been compromised, then the hackers can cause serious problems for you, for instance, they can steal your identity and post something as you on the internet which can harm your reputation or even hack into your banking information and steal your money.

The rate of cyber-crime is increasing along with our dependence on the internet and technology. Cyber criminals are employing new techniques and strategies to lure innocent victims into their trap. Since we must have to use the technology available to us to keep up a competitive edge, it is very important that we make ourselves aware of their methods so we don’t fall prey to them.

Over at the insider monkey’s blog page, I have come across a list of Top 4 Cyber Security Threats in 2013, which mainly deals with hackers targeting government run websites, but in essence it also provides how powerful the hackers have become. I hope the contents of the article will help us better prepare ourselves against cyber attacks.