In this modern era, the technological revolution is spreading at a fast pace around the globe as still, 47% of the global population does not have access to the internet. Communications equipment is an integral part of this connectivity revolution. Any business or individual which is using any kind of connectivity medium or device to communicate with others is basically a consumer of the communications equipment industry. This industry manufactures all kinds of devices including routers, switches, optic fiber, transmission equipment, mobile devices, wires, and LAN devices. As per available data, the revenue growth of this industry witnessed an increase of 127% during the fourth quarter of previous year. The technology sector witnessed the highest revenue growth within this industry. According to a report entitled Communications Equipment – Global Market Outlook published by ResearchAndMarkets, the communications equipment market is likely to reach $2,231.18 billion mark by the year 2027. It means the growth percentage will be 17.8%. Cellular stations and demand of next generation 5G networks are the key driving factors behind growth of this industry. In this article, our readers will get a glimpse of Top 5 Biggest Communication Equipment Stocks as shared by Insider Monkey.

Motorola Solutions Inc. is one of the largest communications equipment companies. It manufactures two-way radios and radio equipment systems for law enforcement agencies. It also manufactures body cameras and softwares. It was during November, last year when this organization raised its dividends by 10.9%. Brandon Haley’s Holocene Advisors is one of the prominent hedge funds to maintain stakes in Motorola Solutions, Inc. during the third quarter. Till now, around 29 hedge funds have maintained stakes in the corporation. Another US-based communication equipment manufacturing company, Juniper Networks, Inc. witnessed a 7% increase in stock prices during the past 6 months. The company is headquartered in California and it shifted its product-line to software-backed networking technology since the past few years. Juniper Networks is planning to buy automated closed loop assurance company Apstra. During the third quarter, the company’s revenue increased to $1.13 billion, which translates into a 5% growth during the past single quarter. Despite the growth, the net income fell by 13% on a yearly basis. Approximately, 30 hedge funds-maintained stakes in Juniper Networks, Inc as we enter the fourth quarter. Read this article 10 Best Communication Equipment/5G Stocks To Buy Now on Yahoo about other communication equipment companies.

Top 5 Biggest Communication Equipment Stocks