During the past several decades and particularly since the start of the 21st century, there have been observed huge leaps and bounds by the technology sector that lead to the development of the tech sector that has upended the level of dominance of conventional industries including construction, finance, and pharma. The USA is placed at the forefront of technological development and due to this reason, it is regarded as the superpower of the world, although China is its biggest rival country and is close to 4 times the US population. There are most of the world’s biggest technology firms in the USA which are valuable in the entire world as well. An interesting post was shared by Insider Monkey on Yahoo about the Top 5 companies That Originated In Silicon Valley. They have shared that:

“Even in the United States, there is a region which is especially well known for being the home to many major tech companies, and is often called the tech capital of the world as well, which is Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley refers to a region in the state of California which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Silicon Valley is home to several cities, each of which are home to multiple Fortune 500 companies as well. The biggest city in Silicon Valley is San Jose, which has also become one of the most expensive cities in the world mainly because of the presence of major companies and a higher standard of living being maintained.”

So, those companies which are established in the Silicon Valley area for the production of silicon-based integrated chip circuits and transistors. Now, let’s begin with the first company which is a well-known firm, HP, engaged in the manufacturing of laptops along with the manufacturing of 3D printers and normal printers. The total profit of HP in the year 2019 was found to be $1049 billion. The next biggest firm that originated in the Silver Valley is Oracle but is not in Silicon Valley anymore and shifted to Texas in the year 2020. This step is taken by the company for avoiding a high level of taxes. If you want to read more about Oracle and other companies being reviewed, then jump directly to 15 Biggest Companies That Originated In Silicon Valley.

Top 5 companies That Originated In Silicon Valley