Top 5 Dividend Stocks for Passive Income


So which are the best dividend stocks for passive income? Keep up reading, and you will get to know soon. Insider Monkey has come up with an arresting and edifying article, as usual.

For the past fifty years, everything related to the main industries have totally and globally changed. It’s especially true for the financial sector. In the last decades several assets have been introduced in the markets, consequently you can find thousands of companies to invest in. Not so long ago, people invested in long-term bonds as they brought steady returns. Nowadays, short-term interest rates are around zero, and you can see that assets were risk-free, are risky now. Actually, hedge funds have come back again, and investing in these stocks can gain increased dividend payments in the future.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has brought up with. At first, we can find Sysco Corp. (NYSE: SYY) on the fifth spot. Actually, Sysco the largest player of marketing, selling and distributing of food products to healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments, restaurants and other customers who prepares meals away from home. Unsurprisingly, due to the coronavirus the revenues of the company has decreased in 2020. Since there are three promising vaccines against COVID-19 showing at least efficacy, Sysco shares start to go up gradually. Its dividend increased from $0.39 to $0.45 in 2019. Sysco is followed by Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) on the third spot. Chevron is among the largedst energy companies in the world. It mainly operates as crude oil and gas producer and transporter, and it also refines markets and distributes fuels and lubricants, prudoces and trades petrochemicals and additives, and many others. Actually, the best occasion to invest in oil stocks was three weeks ago, when pharma companies, such as Pfizer announced to have developed their vaccines. Since then, Chevron stakes have increased by 40%. To gain further useful and arresting information on this issue, please check out the list of the top dividend stocks for passive income.