Today we are going to read about the 5 emerging companies in India. Insider Monkey’s latest article is a must-read again. India is among the largest economies across the globe, as it has a population of more than 1.3 billion, and a GDP of $2.89 trillion. Although India’s economy was seriously hit by the pandemic, it is projected to take over the leading role among the big economies in the future. According to Insider Monkey’s investigation, the Indian economy decline by 9.3% in the year of 2020. Nevertheless, IMF analysts project the growth rate will be over 7% this year, so the Indian markets still remain profitable targets to invest in.

Let’s check out a short foretaste about the emerging companies in India. Snapdeal ranks fifth on Insider Monkey’s list. The e-commerce sector rockets all over the world, and as for India it’s double true. All the players of the sector want to get bigger piece of this continuously growing pie. Snapdeal is one of them. The company was launched in 2010 and has become a local Amazon. Actually, it has grown into a $5 billion-worth company. Its annual revenue is $130 million, and as this sector was one of the few that was able to make profits from the pandemic worldwide, its future remains prosperous. Snapdeal is followed by BYJU on the fourth spot. The company is worth $11.1 billion at present, and is involved in educational technology. BYJU teaches students via app animation videos and its website. Byju Raveendran launched the company in 2011. And now, over 40 million students use BYJU all around India. The company presents the students courses for grades 1 to 12, and preparatory classes for competitive exams such as IIT, IAS, GRE, GMAT, etc. Ola Cabs stands on the second spot. It’s called as India’s Uber, and it operates in ride-sharing that offers food delivery and vehicle-for-hire services. It has several international destinations as well, such as New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Currently the company’s value is at $6.5 billion and has a profit of more than $300 million. Over 1.5 million drivers registered in its network worldwide. For more arresting information about the top emerging companies in India, please click and jump to the original article.


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