Today we are going to discuss top 5 energy dividend stocks to invest in, according to Insider Monkey’s latest article. After the forced lockdown in 2020, oil stocks seem to recover step by step. In March 2020, OPEC countries decided to cut oil and gas production, and they waited until the economy started to speed up. Saudi Arabia, the major oil producer still doesn’t increase its production in April.

We must put up the question though – should we invest in energy stocks in 2021? Energy sector is constantly changing as the world is moving towards using electricity and renewables more and more nowadays. Countries with the highest carbon dioxide emission are those that the major oil producer countries are. Yet, they are planning to support strongly green plans inland, and reduce fossil emissions in everyday life. On the other hand, energy sector is among the evergreen ones, as humanity highly depends on industries, and all the industries are great energy consumers. Another aspect that is worth considering, that pure green energy revolution is on the threshold. All the major energy providers are preparing now for this inevitable change.


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