Today we are going to read about the  top 5 financial centers/cities of the world, based on Insider Monkey’s article. For now let’s quit the introduction and see what you are here for: three out of the five top financial centers/cities in the world. Hong Kong stands on the fifth spot with a market cap of Hong Kong stock exchange of $6.06trillion (HK$47 trillion). Hong Kong is the most densely populated city across the globe, and can boast with many titles to its name. Hong Kong was a British colony earlier and now it’s among the most important financial centers internationally. When it comes to the number of billionaires, Hong Kong stands on the second spot. Also, the sixth biggest stock exchange can be found here in terms of market capitalization according to the World Federation of Exchanges. Its transportation and infrastructures are among the most developed all over the world. It’s ideal for business due to the low taxes and transparent government. Hong Kong is followed by Tokyo on the fourth spot with a market cap of Tokyo stock exchange of $5.6 trillion. After losing the World War II. Japan managed to become one of the major economies worldwide. A total of 2,292 companies are listed on Tokyo stock exchange, making it the fourth largest stock exchange globally. Tokyo is reported to be the biggest urban economy by GDP. Having a population of 37.393 million it’s the most populous city in the world. It hosts 36 of the Fortune 500 companies and is a center of finance, research, and development. London is the next on the compilation with a market cap of London stock exchange of $5.6 trillion. London is situated on the River Thames, was the most important financial center until New York dethroned it in the early 20th century. It is the home to the London Stock Exchange which is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. Over 2600 local and global companies are listed in it. If you want to get more information about the top financial centers/cities of the world, please click and jump to see the original article.


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