Our planet Earth is the home of various species of animals, plants, and birds. This planet came into being around 4.5 billion years ago and since then, it has hosted various organisms. According to scientists, there are 9 million species of plants and animals on Earth and out of this 9 million, only 1.2 million have been discovered. It means that around 80% of the species are yet to be discovered. The micro-organisms including bacteria and fungi do not account for the above-mentioned 80% species. The microorganisms are present in soil, rocks, and water. Scientists are of the view that over 1 trillion species of bacteria are present in the world. The number of discovered microorganisms in the world are still growing. The discovered bacteria and other microorganisms are used by various companies including Gilead Sciences, Inc., AbbVie Inc, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Amgen Inc. and Stryker Corporation to manufacture drugs, which help human beings to cure various diseases. Some microorganisms are prominent, and we can see them. While some of these can be found hundreds of feet deep in the ocean. In this article, we have gathered information about Top 5 Global Fastest Growing Organisms for our readers. The article has been published on Yahoo by Insider Monkey.

One of the fastest growing organisms is Clostridium Perfringen. This is the scientific name of the bacteria. According to scientists, it doubles every 10 minutes. This bacterium is found on the raw white and red meats. Scientists have found traces of this bacteria in the intestines of animals and human beings. This bacteria grows faster as compared to other bacteria, popularly known as E.Coli. C. Perfringen can cause food poisoning, diarrhea and gastroenteritis. Another microorganism is Victoria Amazonica. This is the scientific name of Giant Water Lily. As per available data, Giant Water Lily grows 2 feet per day, and it belongs to Plantae Kingdom. The leaves of Giant Water Lily can measure up to 10 feet in diameter. This plant is very interesting because it has a large white flower in the center which gives a sweet fragrance. According to scientists, the biggest water lilies grow in the Amazon Water Basin. The total life cycle of giant water lily is only 3 days and it grows on an average of 2 feet per day. Do you find this information interesting? You can read about other interesting organisms at 15 Fastest Growing Organisms in the World.

Top 5 Global Fastest Growing Organisms