Today we are going to show you around in the world of the high dividend stocks to buy now. Related to this issue, reading Insider Monkey’s latest article is a must. As we can read in Inisder Monkey’s former article, at present the United States is among the countries with the 25 highest debt to GDP ratios, what’s more Federal Reserve “will be forced to keep the interest rates low as much as it can”.

This is the reason for us recommending you to read Insider Monkey’s compilation about the best high dividen stocks to buy now. Those, who invest their incomes are not in an easy position right now. That’s why it was a wise decision to cover the short positions and invest long equities. Actually if you want to invest in high dividend stocks, you need to be careful as because of the special structure of these stocks, they can go bankruptcy easily. In the article you will see hedge fund sentiments to identify the high dividend stocks with the most upside potential.

And now without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for you. Chevron Corporation has got the fifth spot on the list. Tesla and electric vehicles have charmed investors for a long time. It hasn’t changed this year either, although their sales account is just about 3% of total global car sales. It means that 97 percent of cars bought in 2020 will still run in 2030 or 2035 on gas. Therefore the demand for oil won’t be decreasing in the next ten years. ┬áThe next company in our brief summery is Philip Morris International. Philip Morris offers a dividend yield of 6.85% annually. Its second spot on list shows that it has several sensible reasons to buy its high dividend stocks. For more useful and edifying information, please click the best high dividend stocks to buy now.


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