Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Pre-Med


When it comes to preparing oneself for higher studies in the future, nothing beats an Ivy League college. There is a rumor floating about in the in the world of medical education, that some medical school authorities prefer their potential candidates to come from a hard school with high GPA and Ivy League schools are as hard as it can get, but it is a rumor and lacks substantial evidence. One thing can be said about all of this with a great deal of certainty that if you manage to get into an Ivy League college as your premedical educational institution, and study in the relevant major, you will most definitely find it a lot easy to secure admission in an awesome medical school, compared to someone who went to a state school. If you wish to pursue a doctor’s career then you must fully apply yourself, there is not shortcut to that. And getting admission into an Ivy League college that has facilities designed specifically for those who wish to become a doctor in the future can only help you in your quest. We understand, many of our readers are interested in the profession of a doctor, and therefore we have made a relevant list to help our readers out.

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