Top 5 Online Brokers In 2020


This has never been much necessary to save extra money and then make investments but now this is becoming important. The whole world economy has been devastated by the spread of Coronavirus to such an extent which was never happened before, and for stopping the spread of this virus, lockdown orders were given. This all indicates that people are not aware that where their particular paychecks are coming from. 

And in the meantime when fate has played a horrible game to the majority of individuals, some of them even do have investments and savings are at a better position as they do not need to worry for the immediate future of their family if their employment is at stake. And hereby, amongst many, the highly popular investment form is to make an investment in the particular stock market. According to a post by Insider Monkey about Largest Online Brokers In 2020:

“Ever since companies started to be traded in the stock exchange, capitalists, hedge funds and high net worth individuals have made it their playground, making more and more through buying and selling shares, and using complex terms and coming up with complex methodologies that made the market unattractive for even the average finance professional, let alone those who are not in the industry. And while the rich are easily able to make huge trades and engage in complex financial arrangements, the not so rich are shut out due to the fact that they have to pay high commissions, high margins and even then are not allowed to engage in some of the most complex financial arrangements.”

This is the point where online brokers play their role. The broker is an institute or a person that serves as an intermediary amongst sellers and buyers of the financial instruments and for the stock market, the instrument is organizational shares. The deal is executed by the broker for purchases and this work is done in the response to some commission or fee. Due to technological advancement, huge popularity has been gained by emerging online brokers, particularly in the USA. 

Now, let’s start with the list of Top 5 Online Brokers In 2020 by keeping in mind the list given by Insider Monkey in a Yahoo post. The first one is Zacks Trade which is initiating stock trades, ETFs, and options in exchange of $1 per order as a service fee. This is the only option available on the list which needs an account balance of a minimum of $2500. 

There are many other best online brokers in my list as well. For reading those, you can jump directly to 10 Biggest Online Brokers in 2021.

Top 5 Online Brokers In 2020