Top 5 Popular Monopolies Of All Times


In the past, entrepreneurship was not actually taken into account as a highly viable option for most of the individuals in this world. Starting a business was only considered for the upper class of the society whereby the lower and middle class will work on a job from 9 to 5 in office and then get back to homes. Nowadays, however, many people are now getting fed up with the usual job life and the reasons are easily visible. At least in different public services including a doctor or a police office, people are making some differences in actual and making contributions to improve the whole world as well as the lives of others. But in the case of usual jobs inside the organization, you are just receiving meager wages or salary and just assisting the companies to generate profit and due to this reason, people are now inclining towards starting a personal business. 

When you begin your personal business, then you need other stockholders to make investments. Even now this part becomes relatively easier because of the presence of funding websites that make you able to ask people for investing in your company’s products and this will also help in increasing globalization. Also, when you begin a personal business, then you have a desire to increase its growth and spread it to make it the world’s famous company. However, some threshold is there, after which the firm could not continue to experience growth and the reason is not that peak is reached but the reason is that the company attained high influence and power which is disrupting the free economy’s flow. 

We have selected the top 5 popular monopolies of all times as reviewed by Insider Monkey. The first company is Salt Commission. According to Insider Monkey

“The Salt Commission was an organization created by the State, which had a monopoly on the salt trade in the country. The purpose of the organization was to collect tax from salt trade, and the funny thing is, it took till 2014 for the announcement to be made regarding ending the monopoly on the salt trade by the government.”

The next monopoly in the list is De Beers. This is 133 years old company and is functioning in 35 different nations regarding all things that are linked to diamonds such as mining, trading, retail, manufacturing, and exploration. According to Insider Monkey:

“It has mines in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Canada and Australia, and has controlled close to 85% of the total diamond trade globally from inception till the start of the 21st, making it a through and through monopoly. While competition has broken the iron grip of the company, its power still remains with 30% of the market share.”

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Top 5 Popular Monopolies Of All Times