Top 5 Reasons Why Print Media is a Dying Industry


If you were a kid in the 80s, then perhaps you were the last generation to have a thriving print industry. Ever since the advent of personal computers and the internet, and in more recent years, the smartphone, print media have been in steady decline. And from the looks of it, the entire industry is on its last leg. I would not be surprised if printed books, newspapers, or magazines become niche products within the next decade or so. Perhaps, the only place where print media is still dominant is text books that are used for education in schools and colleges. But that too will eventually change. And many modern schools now provide electronic educational material to their students. To think that one of the most ancient industries is on the brink of becoming obsolete is rather painful. But the fact of the matter is, if we sit down and compare the benefits and disadvantages of both options, print media, perhaps, has only one advantage, which is making us a bit nostalgic, given that we grew up with paperback books as kids. And electronic media have all sorts of advantages over print media.

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