The US-based billionaire and investor, Mario Gabelli, is an investor and hedge fund manager. He is the owner of Gamco Investors, a New York-based investment firm. Gamco managers around $10.6 billion in securities by the end of fourth quarter of 2020. The billionaire investor, Gabelli, was born in The Bronx. His parents immigrated from Italy. Mario Gabelli used to read finance and company news only for fun and at the age of 13, he bought his first stock. As per available data, his net worth is valued at around $1.8 billion. Mario Gabelli became popular among the business community during the 1980s when he made some successful bets regarding media and telecom industries. Gabelli was a graduate from Fordham University and in 2014, the billionaire investor donated a sum of $35 million to his alma mater. This donation is considered as the biggest donation in 179-year history of the university. Gabelli is a strong admirer of legendary investors including David Dodd and Benjamin Graham. He is an experienced investor and reviews the private market value of any stock before deciding. Learn about Top 5 Stock Picks by Billionaire Mario Gabelli in this article below.

Navistar International Corporation is the manufacturer of various global brands of trucks and diesel engines. The company recently acquired land in San Antonio to set up a production facility in 2022. As per available data, the company plans to invest $275 million for this project. This will create around 650 new jobs in the region. Gabelli’s Gamco owns 3,063,523 shares of Navistar International Corporation. The shares are worth $134.67 million. Another company in Gamco’s portfolio is GATX Corporation. GATX is a global railcar lessor, and it operates fleets and owns several aircraft spare engine leases in the world. According to sources, the company owns a fleet of 147,000 railcars. At present, 10 hedge funds invested in GATX during the fourth quarter of 2020. It delivered a 20.74% return during the past 3 months. Gamco owns shares worth $156.45 million in GATX Corporation. Scopus Asset Management also owns major shares in the corporation. The share price of GATX Corporation increased during the ongoing month and settled at $96.44 per share. We covered only 2 companies in this article. If you are interested to read more, check this article Billionaire Maio Gabelli’s Top 10 Stock Picks.

Top 5 Stock Picks by Billionaire Mario Gabelli