Top 5 Ways in which Technology has Changed the Way We Look at Money


It is disputed, rather unclear, when and who actually came up with the concept of money. But we should be thankful that it happened. The invention of money ensured that all the parties involved in a transaction will always have a common medium of exchange. At first money was made out of valuable metals, such as gold and silver, but that era is long gone. And today we all know and love the paper money. But that being said, it would so appear that the invention of a few revolutionary technologies are rapidly changing the whole concept of money again. I would not be at all surprised if I found out within a few years that money has become something intangible, something completely electronic. Of course there are a lot of merit to the whole concept of electronic money. But, alongside that, there are quite a few major challenges involved as well. If money becomes entirely electronic, then a lot of economic principles have to be readjusted as well. There are a lot of people who are eagerly anticipating this change, if you are curious about these things, then our today’s article will help you a great deal.

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