Top 6 Ivy League Colleges for Journalism


I think the people who realize the and live by the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” are the journalists. The life of a journalist can be really interesting and full of adventures, those who seek thrill and excitement and also want to make a living pursuing these passions, journalism is the perfect profession for them. A dedicated and intrepid journalist is an asset to his/her society. Journalists are the people who raise their voice first against oppression and injustice, and the strength of their writing can bring the toughest of regimes to its knees. History holds numerous accounts of this happening in the past and this legacy of journalism will continue in the future through able and bold journalists in training today. It is not surprising for youngsters to become fascinated by this profession, and today we will be talking about some of the most prestigious schools that can help one become a good journalist. When it comes to elite educational institutions, nothing beats the Ivy League Colleges, these colleges are very well equipped to prepare their students for pursuing a wide array of career paths, and journalism is no exception. But the key thing is getting admission in one such college and then being able to afford the tuition fees.

At insider monkey’s blog page, we have put together a list of Top 6 Ivy League Colleges for Journalism. We have ranked these colleges, according to the tuition fees and the facilities they provide for students to prepare for a career in journalism. Just click on the provided link to access the full article.