If you are thinking why did we take an interest in France’s construction companies, then please allow me to explain. Firstly, France is considered as the cultural heart of Europe, just take a look at constructions like the Eiffel Tower, the The Louvre museum. Also, there are thousands and thousands of much conventional looking buildings that server the more functional aspects of things. It is only natural for anyone with interest in the construction industry to inquire about France’s construction industry and seek out the industry leaders. Whether for academic purposes or just for the sake of knowledge. If you share our take on the matter, then I can guarantee you, that you will enjoy going through the full article a lot. The article as suggested by the title talks about the top construction companies in France, the forerunners who are literally building France. And we of course have the numbers to back up our claims. Our researchers did a tremendous job of ranking these construction companies using several techniques. Of course, you will be given more information regarding our ranking method and our research techniques in the full article, this short intro just does not have to room for it all.

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