Top 7 eBook Publishers in 2013


I could never forget the fresh smell that a newly bought book would give off when I had opened it for the first time. It kind of makes me sad thinking about how soon the future will be onto us, and perhaps my children’s children will not know of this feeling. I am not implying digitization of books is a bad thing. It certainly has its advantages, and as an environmentalist, I can clearly perceive its practicality. Anyway, the day when e-books replace paperbacks completely for the good, is still far away. But the scales have been tipping in favor of e-books for the past few years. And 2013 has been remarkably a good one in terms of sales of e-books.

As with everything “e” namely electronic, the e-books are convenient. They do not add weight to your travelling bag, they don’t require space to store them, at least in the real world, they need no upkeep to keep them preserved, and most importantly the e-books have least possible effect on our environment. These substantial advantages far outweighs a tiny bit of nostalgia that the paperbacks have to offer.

As I was saying the year 2013 has really been great for e-book publishers as far sales go. Though paperback are still on the lead but not by much. The article I am about to hyperlink here will take you to insider monkey’s blog post regarding Top 7 eBook Publishers in 2013. Please read about it all in the full article.