Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Economics


Economics is a very interesting subject, if you are going to study economics, then you can start making a name for yourself very early in your academic career. It is quite possible to participate in high level research projects even in the undergraduate level. Students of similar capacity from other disciplines cannot even think about participating in projects of this kind. Now that being said, what I just mentioned applies many folds more to a student of economics who is studying in any of the Ivy League colleges. As the name of the article suggests, we are going to feature only 7 out of 8 Ivy League colleges in this article, and not just that, we will also try to rank these Ivy League colleges as well. If you are going for economics, then this article is for you. You probably already are aware that how hard it is going to be to get admission in one of the Ivy League colleges for economics, but it is totally doable. One more thing to note, is the high tuition cost you will incur if you get the admission.

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