Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Finance


Today we will be talking about top colleges for finance. Well, to speak the truth Ivy League colleges are in a league of their own. When we say top colleges, we just cannot do a ranking about all the top colleges for finance, we must first do a proper ranking of the Ivy League colleges. And in this article we will try to do just that. As you know there are a total of 8 colleges in the Ivy League. But not every college has the same facilities as the others. Well, when it comes to quality of education in general all members of the Ivy League are similar. Just look at the alumni line up of these elite colleges and you will understand. But for individual departments, as finance in this case, their capacity may vary a little bit. Mind it, just a little bit not a lot. Anyway, since you have decided to go for a degree in finance, you just cannot go wrong with any one of the Ivy League college, but the path ahead of you is not going to be very easy. Let alone the kind of competition you will face for entrance, the amount of money you need to come up with to study in an Ivy League college is a challenge in itself.

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