Top 7 Most Expensive Game on Google Play


In the world today, the most prevalent smartphone operating system is the Android. It is developed by Google, but unlike other smartphone operating systems, like the iOS of Apple and BlackBerry, the Android has been adapted by numerous smartphone manufacturing companies. Due to its prolific nature, the application industry for Android phones is growing. The primary source of application download for Android phones is the Google play store. It offers a wide variety of applications and games, that can be downloaded. Most of these applications and games offered here are free, but there are some, that cost quite a bit of money. The maximum amount a developer charge for a game that can be downloaded from the store is 200 US dollars.

Are you an Android phone user, then you are no stranger to the massive game library that the Android platform offers its users. But the question is would you pay 200 dollars for a single download of a game? Well, we have been asking the same question. We have compiled a list of games that are very expensive in consideration, most android games available today are completely free to download. But people are indeed paying quite a bit of money to have a premium experience with these expensive games.

If you are willing to know more about this expensive games that are currently available in the Google play store, please check out the article Top 7 Most Expensive Game on Google Play. This article is the compilation of all the expensive games that can be yours for a premium price. After reading this article you will know, what are the things that make these Android games so expensive.