Top 7 Most Expensive Game on Google Play


Android phones have revolutionized the mobile gaming industry. Without the need for a dedicated gaming console the game publishers and developers now have a very wide potential customer base to market their product towards. We often go to the google play store and download apps and games, most of these games that we end up downloading are free, and developers make money through putting advertisements in game or having an option of in game purchases or both. But there are some games that require us to pay in advance before we can even start the download. These games promise to give us a premium experience.

The google play store allows has a price restriction of 200 dollars, meaning no app or game cannot be sold for more than 200 dollars. This puts an upper limit on the maximum payable price. 200 dollars are a lot of money considering one can purchase a standard smartphone with that kind of money. But some games do charge that much, that’s just crazy.

If you are wondering what makes the paid games stand out from the free games, or perhaps you have purchased one of the paid games from google play store and wanting to know whether your purchase was justified or not, or perhaps you are considering making a purchase, please follow this link to Top 7 Most Expensive Game on Google Play  to learn more.