Top 8 Aggressive Stocks To Buy


The definition of the aggressive stock is given as the high-performing and above-average firms which are experiencing constant growth in the context of earnings, revenue, and cash flows. Such organizations are expected to gain a competitive edge. Provided the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, this has become challenging to analyze the firms for purpose of investment. However, this has been shown by aggressive stocks to investors that they can survive during pandemic along with thriving or upsurge beside this economic downturn. The revenues of these stocks grow more quickly as compared to average companies in this industry, thus have stable financial statements and a loyal customer base. 

Aggressive stocks are paying with zero dividends or low dividends as these firms are normally reinvesting the generated earnings into the firm for the purpose of increasing their revenues inside the business such as expansions and research. While making investments in aggressive stocks, investors will gain substantial returns via capital gains and this is the reason that those who are investing in such stocks might be attached with stocks for the long-run. Some investors are also there who are after momentum stocks for purpose of gaining short-term profits. 

Now the question is, is this the appropriate time to become aggressive? According to an interview of Grantham of GMO that investors are in the midst of the big bubble and all of them must be moving towards cash. He further made millions of dollars by making investments in Quantumscape that has merged with SPAC and become public. So now, without delaying further, let’s start with the Top 8 Aggressive Stocks To Buy. Our list is starting with Autodesk, Inc. This is one of the highly aggressive stocks at present. Lone Pine Capital of Stephen Mandel is the top hedge fund of this aggressive stock. This hedge fund has made an investment of $676 million in this aggressive stock in the September quarter. The next company on the list is ServiceNow, Inc. which is a US-based firm dealing in software. The company is developing the software of cloud company which is making users able to regulate digital workflow. In the Q3 of 2020, the firm announced a revenue subscription of around $1,091 million which shows a 31% growth year-over-year. An insider purchased around 3000 shares of NOW at $278 each and since then the stock price increased by 86%.

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Top 8 Aggressive Stocks To Buy