In the age of internet and information technology, the gadget that connects most of us to the rest of the world has to be the smartphone. There are many smartphone brands out there, but still the high end smartphone market is dominated by the Apple’s iPhone. Most smartphones of today run on the operating system developed by Google, namely the Android. But Apple’s iPhone chose a different approach as the forerunner of all the smartphones, it runs on proprietary operating system called the iOS. If you are smartphone user, then you understand the need for dressing up your phone to comply to your liking. And that is done by installing the applications. Though the todays application market is dominated by free and cheap games/apps, but the expression ” all the best things in life are” unfortunately do not apply to the app market of smartphones. On iTunes the maximum amount a game developer can charge per download is 999$ but does actually anyone charges that much for a game, and does anyone pay that much just for a smartphone game?

To know the answer to these questions, please go to Top 8 Most Expensive Game on iTunes. You will be amazed to know, how much people are willing to pay, for a video game. This article on insider money’s blog post features the most expensive iTune games. Whether they are worth your money or not is left for you to decide.