Top 9 Most Popular Free iPhone Apps


Apps or application soft-wares are an essential part of a smartphone. They are the handheld counterpart of soft-wares that we use on our computers, meaning the apps lets you realize the potential of your handheld device. The most notable operating systems in use with smartphones of today are Android and iOS. And both operating systems have massive app libraries respectively. And both platforms are blessed with third party support as well. But today we will be taking a look at apps that run on iOS.

Some essential apps such as a basic web browser, email clients, schedulers come per-installed with the device. But to increase the level of productivity and perform more specific tasks, the users are free to install other apps on their handheld devices. This feature allows the smartphone users to customize their devices beyond its stock capability and make it more user oriented. Most apps in the Apple’s app store are free to use. But, app developers usually monetize their products by allowing in app advertisements and also having an option for users to upgrade to a premium version via payment after they have installed the free version of the app. Also, some apps charge before the user even gets to install it on their device.

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