Top 9 Trending Smartphones in 2013


We live in a world where connectivity is the key to all things. The advent of the internet, brought about the dawn of information technology. And today, almost everyone akin to the modern lifestyle is a consumer of the internet. However, the ability to go online from anywhere is not that old. In the year 2007 Apple introduced the first smartphone to the world, a technology that would eventually redefine communication itself. The smartphone enabled us to have to freedom of connecting to the world from anywhere. Prior to the age of smartphone to connect to the internet we had to use our personal computer, which did allow for much mobility. But as humans we crave the ability to be ubiquitous and smartphones delivered just that to us.

The smartphones are the wonder of modern information technology, they are hardly the size of a chocolate bar yet they possess the processing power of a fully-fledged computer. It is quite easy to understand, why they have rose in popularity in such a short duration of time.

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