Every day there are more and more launched apps for Android and iOS users making more people looking at their phones 24 hours a day. While the mobile phones were invented in order to stay in touch with others while being outside your home, with the development of the smartphones started the real addiction of people. Instead of just texting and calling, phones are now used for taking pictures and videos, playing games, studying and socializing.

It all has its benefits such as improving your skills with some useful apps such as Piano and Drums lessons, DuoLingo for learning foreign languages, but there are also some that help you stay in touch with people without spending any money when the connection on WiFi networks, such as Viber, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. With them, you can share pictures, send voice recorded messages, call regularly or with video or just simply chat cost less with people from all around the world.

There are also apps like Facebook, which is definitely most popular worldwide, and Twitter which are used for sharing your thoughts and opinions, pictures, videos and links. The newest of them all are apps like Instagram and Snapchat that were initially only used for posting pictures and looking at pictures of others. Someone would say that it isn’t that important because it hasn’t any specific purpose and has fewer options than their ancestors Facebook and Twitter, but looking at the number of active accounts, it turned out that they belong to the group of ‘’must have’’ apps on almost every phone.

Like the options they already had weren’t enough, almost every month there are some improvements for every app. Facebook was initially the app which contained everything in one app. You could chat, share and send images and videos and play games. After that, there was the Facebook messenger that was optional but later became the must have because no one could chat over the regular app. One of the latest updates is ‘’going live’’ section where anyone can record video of whatever they were doing in that moment and it all goes live while recording. Instagram added the messenger part with the improvement of erasing everything you’d like and it would immediately disappear even in the other person’s chat box.While those apps improve your social life in one way, they also ruin it. Did you notice how many people from your surroundings walk pass you on the street without even noticing you because of looking at their phones? If not, you are one of them. And how restaurants and coffee shops became quieter even when they are crowded because almost everyone sitting in groups are interacting with someone who isn’t there instead of talking to each other?

But, let’s take a break from weighting the advantages and disadvantages of using apps and look at the apps that marked the previous year, actually, the top 17 apps in 2016.