Top Chocolate Companies in the World


The global chocolate industry is expected to grow at a steady rate of around 5% during the next four years. This is largely due to the increasing preference for chocolate among consumers globally. The largest market for chocolate in the world is in Western Europe. Insider Monkey presents Top 12 Chocolate Companies in the World.

The evolution of the chocolate industry has been swift and continuous. Due to the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers, it has become more competitive globally. Unique products and experiences keep customers coming back for more, especially in Asia Pacific countries where consumer preferences are getting used to western tastes. Due to the increasing preference for low-sugar and organic chocolate products, there has been a huge growth in the number of companies launching low-calorie and organic chocolate bars. Some of the notable developments in the chocolate industry include the increasing popularity of dark chocolates, the flourishing seasonal chocolate industry, and the increasing awareness about the health benefits of chocolate.

The list of The Top 12 Chocolate Companies in the World starts with Mondelez International, a multinational food, beverage, and snack food company. It has annual revenue of $26 billion. Ezaki Glico is a Japanese food company that mainly produces and sells ice cream, milk, and dairy products. It also offers various food products such as chocolate bars, cookies, and gums. Pladis Global is a leading food and confectionery company founded in 2016. It is known for its wide variety of products that are globally recognized. Lindt & Sprungli is a Swiss confectionery company that was founded in 1845. It is known for producing high-quality chocolate and other sweets. It has also established various chocolate cafes around the world. The Hershey Co. is a leading international chocolate and sugar confectionery company. It has a wide variety of products that are available in 60 different countries. General Mills is a leading American food company known for its diverse portfolio of branded food products. Its iconic brands include Totino’s, Annie’s Homegrown, and Lucky Charms. Which companies top the rank on this list? Click Top 12 Chocolate Companies in the World.