Top Countries with Largest iPhone Market Share


One fine day, back in the year 2007 Mr. Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPhone to the world. And made a prophecy, that the world will never be the same again. And as it turns out, his prophecy was true. Smartphones have now become the most sold electronic gadget in the world. In fact, they out sell every other form of computer four to one. However, Apple did not remain the dominant company in the smartphone market for very long. Soon after the launch of the first iPhone, other manufacturers ushered in their android powered devices, only for a fraction of the price of an iPhone, and not just that, they also offered vastly improved specs in terms of performance and screen size. If you can recall, the first iPhones really had a tiny screen. Though the device oozed luxury and premium feel, but many passed on it just because there were other brands who offered a much bigger screen. But, if you have been following the smartphone battlefield, then you already know, that things have changed in the past few years. Apple is now offering phones with similar screen sizes to its competitors. And that really bodes very well for Apple.

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