Top ESG Stocks To Buy


In this article, we are going to share Top ESG Stocks to Buy as listed by Insider Monkey, but before that let’s understand the concept completely. A number of different investment-related philosophies are available inside the responsible investing realm. One such method every one of us has been hearing is known as ESG investing. The term ESG means environmental, social, corporate governance. The stocks of ESG widely demonstrate investments in organizations which are performing well by these 3 factors. Uniting the ESG lens with a highly traditional stock analysis method is termed as ESG integration. Everyone can become part of ESG investment by learning more facts about it and then utilizing this particular framework during investment-related decisions in the future. 

All these organizations are promoting the concept of adopting clean energy for minimizing carbon footprints. These companies are driving us towards the path of adoption of ubiquitous electric vehicles to contribute towards a clean environment. These companies are taking us with them towards the new world of plant-based or organic foods where animals are not subjected to severe living conditions. Overall, these firms are those which are assisting us in developing a brighter future for our generations. These are good companies in terms of investment. Now, without any further delay, let’s start sharing the best ESG stocks. On top of this list is Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation. This is the biggest stock holding company of Generation Management’s stock portfolio. Around 16 million shares are held by hedge funds and the total value of these shares of Cognizant Technology is around $1.1 billion. The shares of the company experienced a boost of 30% during the past year amid high-level trends of digital revenue growth. Every year, the digital revenue of Cognizant Technology grew by 42%.

On the second number is Charles Schwab Corporation which is a brokerage and asset management giant. This is the 2nd biggest stock holding company of Generation Management. There has been observed a 12% increase in the stake of Charles Schwab by hedge funds during the 3rd quarter of 2020 which increased the overall value of the share to $1 billion. During the last 5 years, the shares of the company soared by 62%. This is also offering a 1.4% dividend yield. There are many more best ESG stock companies on the list, you can read more at Top 10 ESG Stocks To Buy.

Top ESG Stocks To Buy