Top Picks Of Bill Gates’ Stock Portfolio


Bill Gates, Microsoft founder as well as philanthropist, is declared as the 4th richest person in the world. His net worth is around $120 billion as per the report by Forbes. His age is 64 years and he recently announced this year that he is stepping down from the board of directors of Microsoft to spend more efforts and time on his charitable initiatives through his organization “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” This foundation was started in the year 2000 with an aim to earn money for different charity programs and initiatives including a charity for climate change, global health, education, and development. For obtaining a sustainable money source, this trust has begun investments in different companies that are giving cashback to their investors in the form of steady gains and dividends. In this environment of low-interest-rate, retirees and defensive investors are searching for the best stocks to invest in. Therefore, this article will guide them to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates and adopt a similar stock portfolio to find those stocks that have the capability to provide long-term sustainable returns. Below are some of the Top picks of Bill Gates’ Stock Portfolio:

Berkshire Hathaway is on the top of the list which is the investment holding firm of Warren Buffett. This is the biggest stock holding company selected from the portfolio of Bill Gates. The overall portfolio of 45% is held by this firm which is at 410 billion. Although the company is not giving dividends to investors but the portfolio of Bill Gates benefited from the increase in the share price. From the last 10 years, Berkshire’s shares have grown by around 180%. The 2nd biggest stock holding company on the list is Waste Management Inc. The trust by Bill Gates first started its position in 2002 in Waste Management. This is accounting for around 9.55% of the entire value of the portfolio, i.e. around $2.1 billion. From the past 10 years, the shares of Waste Management Inc. grew by 220% along with an increase in dividends during the last 17 years. During the last quarter of this year, the revenue growth of the company was 23% and it is expected that this rate will accelerate further in the next quarters. For a detailed list please see “Bill Gates’ Stock Portfolio: Top 15 Picks” by Insider Monkey.

Top Picks Of Bill Gates' Stock Portfolio