The D1 Capital Partner of Daniel Sundheim was considered amongst the huge hedge funds of the year 2020. This youngest hedge fund reported a return of 54% during 2020 which was a highly unpredictable year. D1 Capital Partners was established in July 2018 by Daniel Sundheim who was the chief investment officer at one of the popular Viking Global Investors. The initial capital for this firm was $5 billion. Daniel Sundheim usually bet on internet and tech stocks which assisted him in gaining huge returns and profit in the year 2020. He had made huge gains through his investment in FAANG stocks during the previous 2 years. According to Insider Monkey’s post:

“The billionaire hedge fund manager sold out all of Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares during the September quarter of 2020 after initiating a big position in 2018 and adding to that position in 2019. It appears that he has benefited from Amazon’s position because shares of the largest e-commerce giant grew more than 70% in 2020 alone.”

In this article, we are going to share the top stock picks of Daniel Sundheim as listed by Insider Monkey in a post. The D1 Capital Partner of Daniel Sundheim shows full confidence in Facebook which is a social media platform. This hedge fund initiated this stake 2 years ago. This stake is the 10 biggest stocks holding in the portfolio of D1. This stock accounts for 3.4% of the entire value of the stock portfolio. During the Q3 of 2020, D1 has increased its stake holding in Facebook by around 24%. At present, 2.2 million Facebook shares are held by D1 whose total value is around $580 million. This is observed that this hedge fund has developed huge value through its Facebook position as D1 has doubled the quantity of shares of Facebook since the start of 2019. Another company on the list is Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. which is operating in the hospitality sector. The stake of this company was first initiated by Daniel Sundheim during the Q1 of 2018. However, around 29% of the shares of the company were sold by D1 Capital Partners in September of 2020. Although the return generation of Hilton Worldwide was high but an underperformance of the shares have been observed in 2020 as a pandemic outbreak has negative impact on the hotel industry. This is expected that after the invention of the vaccine, the shares of Hilton will go up. For learning about top stock picks of billionaire Daniel Sundheim, you can jump directly to Billionaire Daniel Sundheim’s Top 10 Picks.

Top Stock Picks Of Daniel Sundheim