Top Stock Picks Of David Iben’s Kopernik Global Investors


Founder and CEO of Kopernik Global Investors, David Iben, is an experienced investor. Nicolas Copernicus, a Renaissance-era scientist, is the inspiration for the name of the hedge fund based in Florida. Iben’s company aims to build investors who can rely on their intuition and analysis to outperform the market. The $946 million in assets under management by David Iben’s Kopernik Global Investors represents a 1% increase over the previous three-month period. It is a fundamentals-based, value-oriented process driven by extensive research that drives the hedge fund’s equity investments.

Insider Monkey discusses the list of the top 10 stock picks of David Iben’s Kopernik Global Investors. At the end of September, the Kopernik Global Investors fund owned 237,000 shares of Royal Gold, Inc., accounting for 2.54 percent of the fund’s overall portfolio. In comparison to the second quarter of 2021, when the fund held 247,000 shares of the company, this is a decrease of 4%. Gold and other minerals are mined by the South African company. 7.2 million shares of Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited are owned by Kopernik Global Investors. In the third quarter, the company reported a 32% increase in gold production. As the name suggests, NovaGold Resources Inc. is an Alaska and British Columbia-based Canadian mining company. Insider Monkey tracked 867 elite hedge funds and found that 16 of them owned a stake in NovaGold Resources worth a total of $247.86 million. According to Kopernik Global Investors, they have 2.3 million shares of Seabridge Gold Inc stock. Besides gold, the company also mines copper, silver, rhenium and molybdenum ores in North America. Asset management firm Sprott Inc. is headquartered in Toronto. Hedge funds invested $145.32 million in the company in the third quarter of 2021, up from $90.4 million in the second quarter. For more details, click Top 10 Stock Picks Of David Iben’s Kopernik Global Investors.