Top Stock Picks Of Henry Breck’s Heronetta Management


Henry R. Breck is the Heronetta Management’s Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. He is a former CIA employee who also served in the US Air Force. He graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and from Oxford University with a Master of Arts in Jurisprudence. Heronetta Management’s Henry Breck is the firm’s Managing Partner. In 1968, he began his investment banking career at Lehman Brothers. A total of $208.54 million is currently being managed by the fund. Enterprise Products Partners L.P. is the company’s most valuable asset with $16.846 million in assets.

Insider Monkey highlights the top 10 stock picks of Henry Breck’s Heronetta Management. There are 105,550 shares in the fund worth $6,37 million, or 4.98 percent of its total assets. It’s no surprise that TC Energy Corporation is one of Heronetta Management’s top holdings. Pipelines for liquids and natural gas are central to the company’s operations, as is energy. Oil and gas are transported through the western provinces of Canada by Pembina Pipeline Corporation. After a decade as a trust, the business became an actual company in 2010. In the third quarter of 2021, Arrowstreet Capital saw an 897 percent increase in activity in the company. Canada’s largest Class I railroad, Canadian Pacific Railway Limited operates 12,500 miles of track in Canada and the United States. Some of Canadian Pacific’s most well-known subsidiaries are the TTX Company, Eastern Railroad, and St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway, to name just a handful. The Canadian National Railway Company is a Canadian Class I freight railroad that stretches from Canada to the United States. 51,000 shares of the company are owned by Heronetta Management for $7.48 million, according to its most recent filings. Canada’s largest natural gas distribution system, Enbridge Inc., is a multinational pipeline company. There are crude oil and natural gas pipelines owned by the company in the United States and Canada. It has begun a number of renewable energy projects in Europe and the United States. For more details, click the Top 10 Stock Picks Of Henry Breck’s Heronetta Management.