ValueAct Capital, which Jeff Ubben helped co-found, is now a $16 billion hedge fund. In 2020, he stepped down as CEO of ValueAct to concentrate on impact investment. An ESG hedge fund with an emphasis on creating long-term investments in sustainable companies is Inclusive Capital. Jeff Ubben invented the “friendly activist” investment techniques, working with businesses at the board level to find ways to strengthen their business models. Mr. Ubben declared that he intends to use his investment ideas while adhering to the ESG philosophy that he has refined throughout his career. With the exception of the third quarter of 2021, Jeff Ubben’s Inclusive Capital has been generating losses every quarter. Between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022, the fund’s average quarterly returns were negative 7.16 percent.

Insider Monkey picked the top 8 stock picks of Jeff Ubben’s Inclusive Capital. Exxon Mobil Corporation is offering a forward dividend yield of 3.94 percent as of July 22 and has a trailing twelve-month PE ratio of 14.44. This dividend yield is supported by the company’s $40.06 billion in free cash flows. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Unifi, Inc. was established in 1969. The company’s fibers are frequently utilized in household products, clothes, and car interiors. The stock’s trailing 12-month PE ratio as of July 22 is 10.81. Incorporated in 2018, AppHarvest, Inc. is based in Morehead, Kentucky. Tomatoes, berries, peppers, cucumbers, and salad greens are among the company’s offerings. More than 5.79 million shares of AppHarvest are held by Inclusive Capital. Technology integrator and innovator Nikola Corporation seeks to create solutions for energy and transportation. The business’s trucking section creates and markets zero-emission battery- and hydrogen-electric cars for the trucking industry. The headquarters of Strategic Education, Inc. are in Herndon, Virginia, where it was established in 1892. U.S. Higher Education, Australia/New Zealand, and Education Technology Services make up the company’s three business segments. It was started with the intention of offering post-secondary education at reasonable costs both on-campus and online. For more details, click Top 8 Stock Picks Of Jeff Ubben’s Inclusive Capital.