Top Stock Picks Of Jeffrey Diehl’s Adams Street Partners


At the moment, Adam Street Partners’ managing partner and head of investments is Jeffrey Diehl. He focuses on businesses that are growth-oriented and engaged in the consumer software and internet industries. The fund is also shifting its focus to the biopharma industry. Over $50 billion in assets are managed by Adams Street Partners. Jeffrey Diehl is the manager of one of the funds, which has a total portfolio value of more than $540 million. In the most recent quarter, only one stock was added, demonstrating that the company is sticking to its past stock recommendations.

Insider Monkey highlights the top 10 stock picks of Jeffrey Diehl’s Adams Street Partners. A platform for creating games and playing online is provided by Roblox Corporation. More than 164 million users are currently active each month on the company’s platform. The business was included in Adams Street Partners’ top 10 stock selections for the three months ending December 31, 2018. Science is the driving force behind the biopharmaceutical company Corvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Adams Street Partners is a brand-new hedge fund with a biopharma industry concentration. Aptinyx Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business, is one of the fund’s key investments. In the last five days, the price of its stock has increased by 28%. One of Jeffrey Diehl’s Adams Street Partners’ top 10 stock picks, Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc., represents 4.23 percent of the portfolio. By utilizing targeted alpha therapies, the biopharma company is concentrating on the advancement of radiopharmaceuticals and enhancing their safety. The pharmaceutical business Icosavax, Inc. works to advance vaccines and support them in the fight against serious illnesses. In the most recent quarter, Adams Street Partners decreased its stake in the firm by 1%. For more details, click the Top 10 Stock Picks Of Jeffrey Diehl’s Adams Street Partners.