Top Stock Picks Of Martin Taylor’s Crake Asset Management


Martin Taylor became the portfolio manager of Crake Asset Management in 2019. Taylor’s Q3 securities are concentrated in the following sectors: consumer staples, finance, transportation, information technology, healthcare, consumer discretionary, and communications, with a top 10 holdings concentration of 73.6 percent. Martin Taylor is a hedge fund manager from the United Kingdom who is passionate about emerging markets. He initially concentrated on Russian companies, but as his portfolio grew, he expanded to include stocks from all emerging economies, including Asia and Latin America. Taylor closed Nevsky Capital LLP in 2015 owing to shaky market conditions.

Insider Monkey dives into the top 10 stock picks of Martin Taylor’s Crake Asset Management. Morgan Stanley released its third-quarter earnings on October 14. The third quarter’s revenue was $14.75 billion, up 26.56 percent year over year. Despite its impressive third-quarter performance, the stock’s valuation “appear[s]to be rather full.” Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services corporation with operations in over 35 countries and a global customer base of 70 million people. 94 hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey were optimistic on Wells Fargo at the end of June, down from 96 the previous quarter. Delta Air Lines, Inc. is owned by Crake Asset Management, which owns 1.56 million shares of the firm. The company’s third-quarter earnings per share came in at $0.30, above analysts’ expectations by a wide margin. Helane Becker, a Cowen analyst, boosted her price objective on the company from $53 to $54. Aubrey Capital Management, with 3,600 shares valued at $9.62 billion, is one of the largest shareholders in Alphabet Inc. Earnings for the third quarter came in at $27.99, beating expectations by $4.75. Anthem, Inc. is the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s top for-profit healthcare provider. The quarter’s revenue totaled $35.55 billion, up 15.98 percent year over year. For more details, click Top 10 Stock Picks Of Martin Taylor’s Crake Asset Management.