Top Stock Picks Of Michael Burry


The head of Scion Asset Management has repeatedly stoked fears of a market collapse. – During the financial crisis, Michael Burry made multi-million dollar bearish bets against high-growth stocks like Tesla, Inc. and ARK Innovation ETF. Investor Richard Burry asked his Twitter followers in October if they were interested in shorting cryptos. Hours later, Bitcoin hit a six-month high of $60,000. Bitcoin has been likened to the housing bubble of 2007, which Burry predicted would burst, making him millions of dollars. Richard Burry, a celebrity investor, has warned that the tech sector is a “massive bubble” that will burst soon. For the past several years, his investment fund, Scion Asset Management, has failed to meet its goal of averaging a return of 20%.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the top 6 stock picks of Michael Burry. Michael Burry’s hedge fund had 200,000 shares of CVS Health Corporation in its portfolio as of the end of the third quarter of 2021, which was worth $16.9 million. With a $121.11 price target, Goldman Sachs analyst Nathan Rich recently began coverage of the stock. It had 30,000 Scriven Asset Management shares worth $10.3 million at the end of September. For ground production, training, field surveillance, and contractor logistics support, Lockheed Martin Corporation recently won a modification contract worth $286 million. In early November, the GEO Group, Inc. reported third-quarter earnings of $557 million, beating expectations by $5.5 million. After the company’s earnings beat, it received favorable coverage from analysts. For more details, click Top 6 Stock Picks Of Michael Burry.