Top Stock Picks Of Michael Sidhom’s Immersion Capital


Immersion Capital, a London-based asset management and investment firm has Michael Sidhom as its managing partner. He oversees a $1.03 billion portfolio of managed 13F assets. Sidhom is mostly interested in the fields of information technology and communications. Sidhom’s 13F portfolio’s largest position is Facebook, Inc., which has a stake worth $340.8 million.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of some of the top stock picks of Michael Sidhom’s Immersion Capital.  At the end of June, Sidhom’s Immersion Capital owned 15,470 shares of Visa Inc., valued at $3.61 million. On October 26, the firm posted results, which were $0.14 higher than expected. Tien-Tsin Huang of JPMorgan lifted the price target from $267 to $277. Uber Technologies, Inc. is worth $3.95 million to Immersion Capital, accounting for 0.38 percent of his Q2 portfolio. ServiceNow Inc. is owned by Sidhom’s Immersion Capital, which holds 139,025 shares worth $76.4 million. On October 27, the business announced profits per share of $1.55, topping analysts’ expectations by $0.16. Immersion Capital, led by Michael Sidhom, holds 241,090 shares of Netflix, Inc., valued at $127.34 million. This represents 12.27 percent of his holdings in the second quarter. On October 19, the company announced third-quarter profits, which were $0.19 higher than expected. Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology conglomerate based in the United States. Microsoft is primarily recognized for its Windows operating system, Office suite, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers. For more details, click Top 8 Stock Picks Of Michael Sidhom’s Immersion Capital.