Top Stock Picks Of Mika Toikka’s Alphacrest Capital


The New York-based hedge fund has a $2.4 billion portfolio and a $1.78 billion portfolio. Very little is known about Mika Toikka’s professional background prior to founding the hedge fund. Companies in the top 10 stock recommendations of AlphaCrest Capital are names you are undoubtedly familiar with. The tech and services sectors make up the majority of the hedge fund’s portfolio. One of the largest pharmaceutical firms and a popular investment of the fund is Pfizer Inc. The American streaming and original production juggernaut Netflix, Inc., is a major investment for Mika Toikka’s AlphaCrest Capital. The company did reduce its ownership of Meta Platforms, Inc. by 46% in the most recent quarter.

Insider Monkey picked the top 10 stocks of Mika Toikka. According to market capitalization and deposits, The Bank of Nova Scotia is the third-largest Canadian bank. Although it was started in Nova Scotia, its main office was moved to Toronto in 1900. Recently, the Bank bought back 13.9 million of its own shares. QUALCOMM Incorporated offers semiconductor components for a variety of devices, including watches, cars, laptops, and mobile phones. The Qualcomm AI Stack, which the firm recently unveiled, promises to enable developers to employ AI developed for a single interface, such as mobile devices. The Charles Schwab Corporation, which represents 0.68 percent of the whole portfolio, is one of Mika Toikka’s AlphaCrest Capital’s top 10 stock recommendations. In Q1, the hedge fund grew its stake in the business by 315%. One of Mika Toikka’s AlphaCrest Capital’s top 10 stock picks is Intuit Inc. The business is an expert in financial software. By 11.9 percent, Carnegie Capital Asset Management LLC decreased its stake in Intuit. In Q1 2022, 54 hedge funds were positive on the stock, up from 49 funds in the prior quarter, with total interests of $4.5 billion. Two banks merged to become the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. For more details, click Top 10 Stock Picks Of Mika Toikka’s Alphacrest Capital. 

Top 10 Stock Picks of Mika Toikka's AlphaCrest Capital