Top Stock Picks Of Randall Smith’s Alden Global


Major investor in hedge funds is Randall Smith. In 2007, he founded Alden Global with a primary focus on newspaper publishers. Many claim that Alden destroyed these newspapers rather than fostering their growth. It has quickly grown to become one of the biggest US newspaper operators. With a growth of +2.1 percent in the most recent quarter, Alden Global’s portfolio value now exceeds $84.5 million, shifted its stock holdings as well, eliminating well-known companies including Peloton Interactive Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc.

Insider Monkey highlighted the top 10 stock picks using Alden Global Capital’s Q1 portfolio. The New York Stock Exchange listed New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. in 2006. It was the first educational institution from China to be listed in the country. Since Beijing began to crack down on for-profit private educational institutes, the firm has been attempting to change course. One of the most well-known department shops in the United States is Kohl’s Corporation. A $3 million investment in the company is made by Alden Global. The company is in the news because The Vitamin Shoppe, Franchise Group Inc. wants to buy it. The goal of EQT Corporation, an independent natural gas producer, is to secure the company’s future. The corporation wants to switch from importing coal to using domestically produced and supplied natural gas. The largest green effort in the world at the moment is EQT Corporation. In a recent statement, International Game Technology PLC stated that it would begin shipping 960 of its video lottery terminals to Canada. It might have helped explain why Randall Smith of Alden Global chose it as one of his top 10 stock recommendations. The stock price of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. recently hit a one year low. Analysts at KeyCorp increased their target price from $59 to $62 while The Goldman Sachs Group set a ‘Buy’ rating for the company. For more details, click Top 10 Stock Picks Of Randall Smith’s Alden Global.