Top Stock Picks Of Stephen White’s SW Investment Management


Stephen White is the man in charge of SW Investment Management. It is worth $251.3 million as a whole. In Amazon, Inc., SW Investment Management owns 12,000 shares of stock. In the third quarter of 2021, the e-commerce platform will account for 15% of the fund’s total portfolio.

Insider Monkey highlights the top 9 stock picks of Stephen White’s SW Investment Management. North Dakota-based Ni Holdings, Inc. is a holding company. MFP Investors, with over 500,000 shares representing 1.07 percent of their portfolio, was the largest stakeholder in the third quarter of 2021. In 33 states, The Joint Corp has more than 500 chiropractic clinics. With a revenue increase of 36% to $20.99 million and an EPS of $0.13, the company outperformed analysts’ expectations by $0.08. There are many companies that make semiconductors but Kulicke & Soffa Industries is one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers of electronic solutions. A 21 percent increase in quarterly dividends was announced by the company on October 18. Q3 revenue was $684.29 million for Sun Communities, Inc., which beat analyst expectations by $0.08. A total of 80,000 shares of the company are held by SW Investment Management. For more details, click Top 9 Stock Picks Of Stephen White’s SW Investment Management.