Top Stocks In Gabriel Plotkin’s Melvin Capital Portfolio


Gabriel Plotkin is the founder and managing partner of Melvin Capital, an American hedge fund. Mr. Plotkin is a millionaire thanks to his hedge fund, and he has worked at various hedge funds throughout his career, including Citadel LLC, North Sound Capital, and SAC Capital. Melvin Plotkin’s hedge fund had a $17 billion portfolio at the conclusion of the second quarter., Inc., Visa Inc., and Expedia Group, Inc. are among the leading corporations in it.

Insider Monkey highlights the top ten stocks in Gabriel Plotkin’s Melvin Capital portfolio. After Melvin Capital, the company’s largest shareholder is Jeffrey Gates’ Gates Capital Management, which owns 2.2 million shares worth $120 million. The price target for IAA, Inc. has remained at $70, with an Overweight rating from Stephens. Rishi Renjen’s ROAM Global Management is the largest shareholder in, Inc., with 90,300 shares worth $7.2 billion. Andrew Dalrymple and Barry Mccorkell’s Aubrey Capital Management hold 11,100 shares worth $6.7 billion in Align Technology, Inc.   Snowflake Inc., based in Montana, is an American big data cloud services business. JMP Securities boosted its price objective for Snowflake to $320 per share from $300, expressing confidence in the whole software segment and Snowflake’s role within it. Google’s parent firm, Alphabet Inc., is the world’s largest internet search engine. Robert W. Koehn’s Ivy Lane Capital is the company’s largest shareholder, with 9,700 shares worth $24 billion. For more details, click Gabriel Plotkin’s Melvin Capital Portfolio: Top 10 Picks.