Top Stocks Kettle Hill Capital Management Is Buying


An equity hedge fund based in New York, Kettle Hill Capital Management is focused on small-cap stocks. Founded in 2003, the fund employs proprietary fundamental research and adheres to a rigorous investment strategy. Heading into the 2020s, the Kettle Hill Partners, LP fund had a string of underperformance. Compound annual returns for the fund since 2003 have been 7.53 percent. For this reason, it added an additional 18 positions to its 13F portfolio.

Insider Monkey lists the top stock picks of Kettle Hill Capital Management. On September 30, Kettle Hill purchased 2,740 class A shares worth $7.33 million. Despite a decline in search revenue, Alphabet Inc. has increased its Play Store and YouTube revenue by a large margin. During the third quarter, Kettle Hill’s fund purchased 21,680 shares of Meta Platforms, Inc. for a total of $7.36 million, making it the largest single investment in the company. The new name of Facebook and Instagram’s parent company was a little unnerving. During the third quarter, Kettle Hill added Dycom Industries, Inc. to its 13F portfolio. At the end of the quarter, the fund purchased 103,379 shares worth $7.37 million. More than doubling in value since the middle of 2020 for Dycom shares. During the third quarter, Kettle Hill created a new position at Comerica Incorporated, a financial services company. On September 30, the fund purchased 91,892 shares worth $7.4 million. This year’s decline in hedge fund ownership has been nearly 50%. Additionally, Kettle Hill boosted its holdings in Zions Bancorporation, National Association, a financial services firm, in the third quarter. Hedge funds have lost interest in ZION over the years, and the number of hedge funds holding the stock is now less than half of what it was at the start of 2017. For more details, click Top 10 Stocks Kettle Hill Capital Management Is Buying.