Top Stocks To Buy According To Alexis Fortune’s Blacksheep Fund Management


The Blacksheep Fund Management manages a $754 million portfolio of 13F securities. The hedge fund founded in Dublin aims to outperform the market by investing in high-quality growing firms that are well-positioned to gain from digitalization and technology advancements. Blacksheep Fund Management, founded by Alexis Fortune, invests in high-quality internet stocks. The hedge fund recognized a buying opportunity in the drop in tech equities. GoDaddy Inc., a provider of internet services and infrastructure, was the largest stock holding as of June.

Insider Monkey discusses the top 7 stocks to buy according to Alexis Fortune’s Blacksheep Fund Management. Alexis Fortune’s Blacksheep Fund Management grew its holding in, Inc. by 15% during the June quarter. The hedge fund, which is domiciled in Dublin, owns 19,628 shares of the online retailer. Since 2019, Blacksheep Fund Management’s 13F portfolio has included Tucows Inc., a small-cap internet services and infrastructure firm. Tucows, a Canadian internet services provider, saw its stock rise during the pandemic year, allowing the firm to profit from their investment. SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc., a mid-cap software products and software-enabled services supplier, serves the healthcare and financial services industries. In the last year, the stock price has increased by 25%. In addition, the corporation pays a dividend yield of less than 1%. Netflix, Inc. stock is up 27% year to date, thanks to strong subscriber growth and the launch of a gaming service. In the year-ago period, the business added a net 4.38 million global streaming subscribers, up from 2.2 million in the previous quarter. For more details, click Top 7 Stocks To Buy According To Alexis Fortune’s Blacksheep Fund Management.