Top Stocks To Buy According To Ken Heebner’s Capital Growth Management


Capital Growth Management is in charge of $1.12 billion in assets. The Boston-based Capital Growth Management has offices in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Ken Heebner’s portfolio represents the real estate, materials, healthcare, finance, energy, and consumer discretionary sectors. The Buckle, Inc. is Capital Growth Management’s largest stake, with 950,000 shares of the American fashion retailer.

Insider Monkey takes a look at the top 10 stocks to buy according to Ken Heebner’s Capital Growth Management. Vale S.A. is a worldwide corporation that owns and operates hydroelectric power plants, trains, ships, and ports and mining precious metals. Due to concerns regarding the Chinese property market, RBC Capital has lowered its price objective from $17 to $12.50. Best Buy Co., Inc. is a consumer electronics retailer based in the United States. Best Buy has various subsidiaries and house brands in Canada and the United States. Piper Sandler analysts boosted their price estimate for Best Buy from $150 to $155. Capital Growth Management owns 800,000 shares of Bank of America Corporation worth $32.98 million, or 2.97 percent of the firm’s total holdings. The bank is the second largest in the United States and a major financial services company. On November 2, Prudential Financial, Inc. posted $3.78 EPS for the third quarter, surpassing forecasts by $1.05. Ken Heebner holds $35.35 million in Prudential Financial through Capital Growth Management, which accounts for 3.18 percent of the firm’s investment portfolio. DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc., the largest American sporting goods store, is another great investment. Dicks is owned by Capital Growth Management, which has 360,000 shares worth roughly $36 million, or 3.25 percent of the firm’s 13F portfolio. For more details, click Top 10 Stocks To Buy According To Ken Heebner’s Capital Growth Management.