Top Stocks To Buy And Hold According To MIG Capital


MIG Capital, run by Richard Merage in Newport Beach, California, is a long/short equity hedge fund. After selling their frozen food business, Chef America, to Nestle, the Merage family founded the fund. As a rule, it emphasizes risk management and limited leverage. The MIG Master Fund has generated annual compound returns of 8.23% since its inception in 2007. Between 2015 and 2019, the fund produced annual returns that were above zero percent. Among the $1.04 billion in assets in MIG Capital’s 13F portfolio, only 24 positions were held.

Insider Monkey checks out the Top 10 Stocks to Buy and Hold According to MIG Capital. 5.37 million Grupo Televisa SAB shares are owned by MIG Capital. The fund believes that the combined assets will be a major force in the Spanish-language streaming market and that they will be more profitable than they were as separate entities. ADS, Inc. has been a part of MIG Capital’s 13F portfolio since the beginning of 2019. At a value of $48.96 million as of September 30, the fund held 452,602 shares of WMS, ranking it as the fund’s 12th largest long position. When Insider Monkey’s third quarter ended, T-Mobile was owned by 90 of the hedge funds it had tracked. It was announced in May of last year that the two companies would collaborate on 5G services. Mastercard Incorporated, which MIG Capital has been a shareholder in since the middle of 2018, is the next company to be discussed. At the end of the third quarter, the fund held 165,489 shares of Mastercard worth approximately $57.54 million, making it one of the fund’s largest holdings. MIG Capital has owned Bottomline Technologies, Inc. since the middle of 2018. During the third quarter of 2021, the fund increased its holdings in the software company by 13%, giving it just under 1.04 million shares worth $40.82 million. For more details, click Top 10 Stocks To Buy And Hold According To MIG Capital.