Top Stocks To Buy Now According To Chet Kapoor’s Tenzing Global


Chet Kapoor launched Tenzing Global Investors, LLC in 2011. The investing firm aspires to employ a non-traditional investment technique. It invests in small and medium-sized firms in both long and short equity positions. A short investment, in financial terms, is when a company borrows money and then sells its stock on the market. Mr. Kapoor is a Stanford Graduate School of Business and Rice University graduate. The investment firm’s portfolio is moderately sized, with a value of $295 million. Gogo Inc. and Uber Technologies are two of its largest interests.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the top 11 stocks to buy now according to Chet Kapoor’s Tenzing Global. Compass, Inc. produced $1.7 billion in revenue and -$0.25 in GAAP EPS for the third fiscal quarter. Needham lowered their price estimate from $23 to $18 in November 2021. Kaltura, Inc. is a video-based software company established in the United States. Video conferencing, webinars, lecture capture, and virtual classrooms are just a few examples. Canaccord decreased the firm’s price estimate from $16 to $10., Inc. generated $689 million in revenue and $0.54 in non-GAAP EPS, exceeding analyst expectations in its third quarter. In October 2021, DA Davidson boosted its price target from $130 to $157. VIZIO Holding Corp. surpassed Wall Street revenue expectations with $588 million in revenue. It also posted -$0.10 in the division, which was in line with expectations for GAAP EPS. Ophir Asset Management, founded by Steven Ng and Andrew Mitchell, is the company’s major investor. Enovix Corporation is one of the firms at the forefront of the rapidly growing electric car industry. The battery company’s stock was owned by 23 of the 867 hedge funds analyzed by Insider Monkey for Q3 2021. For more details, click Top 11 Stocks To Buy Now According To Chet Kapoor’s Tenzing Global.

11 Stocks to Buy Now According to Chet Kapoor's Tenzing Global